CF/GL Assessment 3

This will assess your current knowledge base on the CF/GL lines of business. If the question comes with a hint, please select as this is a screen shot that will help assist in answering the question.

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Fill in the blank

The is the resource that would be used to find the guidelines for Statement of Values (SOV) and Reporting Forms?

What fields would need to be reviewed?

  • Building, Contents, Third Party
  • Contents, Building, Forms, Third Party
  • Building, Contents, Replacement Cost
  • Building, Contents, Co-insurance

Fill in the blank

This location would be adding using construction type.

Match the question below with the resource that would be used to find the answer

  • Referring for loss ratio
    Renewal Authority Sheets
  • SIC Code
    ISOnet- Multi Line Class Table
  • Class code to add a fence to Property
    Entry Manuals- Commercial Property-                              Special Loss Costs-Codes
  • Rates Changes
    IMT Univeristy

Match the item with the tab it would be added on

  • Employee Benefits Liability
  • Property Damage Deductible
    Class Code
  • GA0073
  • CG2010
    Endorsements-Additional Insureds
  • Remove a form that is rolling on
    Accoms/Overrides/Comments-Add Endorsement         Override
  • Receiving message on an UW approved                           change "Exposure Basis Based on Class Code"
    Accoms/Overrides/Comments- Add Accomodation
  • View Premium

Match the item with the screen it would be added on

  • Entity
    General Information
  • Blanket Rating
    General Information- Screen 2
  • Crime Forms
    General Information-Screen 3
  • Equipment Breakdown
    Location Information
  • Spec Rated
    Building Information - Screen 1
  • Coverage limits (building, contents, peak season etc)
    Building Coverage - Screen 1
  • CF1003
    Building Coverage - Screen 2

Fill in the blank

The Group 1 rate for building would be entered on CICS as and the Group 2 rate would be entered as.

Fill in the blank

The territory code for Clear Lake, IA is .

CG2144 rolls on to all GL policies.

  • True or False

Fill in the blank

Crime is a day process and is rated on .