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Welcome Video

Welcome to the Cox Agency Training videos. 

Follow the instructions below to complete your training in the proper order and communicate with your manager as you complete each section.

Step 1: Watch the Welcome Video to understand our Core Values and Expectations

Step 2: Download and print out the documents below the video

Step 3: Join the facebook page




What are the 4 Cornerstones to Success

  • Massive Action Constant Correction
  • Hard Work
  • Belief
  • Association
  • Personal Development
  • Laziness

How many dials should a full time agent make in 1 week?

  • 150
  • 2000
  • 250
  • 375

Phone Script

Phone Script Training

Phone Script Training

Step 1: Watch the Phone Training Video to learn how to use our phone script and make dials correctly

Step 2: Listen to the recordings for more advanced training on the phones

Step 3: Download and Print the documents below the video





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    If you don't mind me asking...
  • I already took care of it
    Did you get the old kind or the new kind
  • Can you just email me something
    I wish I could...

Buying and Printing Leads

Buying and Printing Leads Video