Publishing Courses in Easygenerator

Welcome to Easygenerator!

In this tutorial, you'll learn how easy it is to publish your Easygenerator course. 

Easygenerator lets you publish courses in a few ways. You will find out how to:

Publishing Easygenerator courses

Sharing a private link

To publish an Easygenerator course, you need to click the Publish tab and choose needed publishing options.

By default, a course exists on the Easygenerator server and you are suggested to share a private link to access it. If your learners copy this link into their web browser, they will see the course and they can start working on it. That's the most basic way to share courses.

So if you don't have a web server or an LMS and you don't want to bother with that stuff you can just publish your courses online and share them.

Publishing inside a website

If you want to make your Easygenerator course a part of any website, you just need to choose Inside a website option.  Click Get embed code, copy and paste it into your HTML page where you want a course to be displayed.

Selling your courses

Publishing to your LMS

If you want to host your Easygenerator course to any LMS, you just need to choose To your LMS option and download the course as a SCORM package.

If you click Download as SCORM 1.2 button, it will assemble the course, publish it, and you can download a zip file of the course to your local machine. The zip file will sync with any LMS.

Open your LMS, select the file on your local machine and upload the course to your LMS.

Publishing to your hosting

If you want to run your Easygenerator course on your own web server or cloud storage, you just need to choose To your hosting option. Download the course as HTML package and upload it into that environment.

Whitelisting users

whitelist is a list of users that are being provided access to online courses. This feature is now available for all Easygenerator accounts, so you can control access to your Easygenerator courses based on your learners’ email addresses.

To whitelist your users, go to the Publish step of the course editor. There is the Settings tab on each publishing option, where you can create a whitelist of users who can take your course.

Add a learner’s email and check “Send course invitations to people” box, then send invites. To invite multiple users, use space, commas or semicolons between emails. 

Thus, your learners will get an email invitation with a unique course link. If unregistered users try to open the same course, they will be banned from seeing the content.

NOTE: Don’t forget to update the course after adding learners to the whitelist.

Easygenerator lets you publish courses in a few formats, including:

Choose the right options.

  • Scorm 1.2
  • HTML
  • Embed code
  • Private link
  • Flash
  • Mobile Player app


That’s it for this tutorial. 

So, publishing an Easygenerator course is really simple. Just click the Publish tab and choose your publishing options.

In the next tutorial, you'll learn more about result tracking in Easygenerator.