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This short e-learning course is designed to give an understanding of our company and the market place within which we operate.

An introduction to BWOC Ltd

Who are BWOC Ltd


Mabanaft Limited is one of the UK's leading independent fuel importers and wholesalers. Its core business is the trading and distribution of petroleum products. 

BWOC Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mabanaft Ltd.


A Nationwide Bulk Fuel & Fuel Card Supplier

BWOC are an independent wholesaler of fuel, supplying around a billion litres of petroleum products annually into the UK marketplace. With over 30 years operating experience within the bulk fuel delivery market and as a leading provider of nationwide fuel cards and bunker supply; our continuing growth is testament to the high levels of customer service and highly competitive pricing options experienced by thousands of customers. the company was set up in 1982 by Bob Wayne and the current managing director is Mark Wayne (the son of Bob)

Thomas Silvey Ltd

Thomas Silvey is an independent fuel supplier and distributor. They have been delivering domestic and

 business fuel for nearly 150 years and are also one of the country’s leading fuel card operators.


What do the initials BWOC stand for?

Choose the correct answer

  • Bob Wayne Oil Company
  • Bruce Wayne Oil Company
  • Bill Wallace Oil Company

Who is the current managing director of BWOC?

  • Michael Wayne
  • John Wayne
  • Mark Wayne

In what year did BWOC begin trading?

  • 1978
  • 1982
  • 1986

Where is the head office for BWOC located?

  • Wolverhampton
  • Wellingborough
  • Weston Super Mare

Who are the parent company of BWOC Ltd

  • Mabanaft
  • On Route
  • Thomas Silvey

The Fuel Card Market

The Fuel Card Market Place

The UK market has a lot of business fuel card services to choose from. In this technology driven time an extensive range of company fuel cards are available, so any business owner will find something suitable to serve their specific needs.

Which fuel card supplier is best for a business depends on several factors: the size of the business and its fleet, the volume of operational activities (local, regional or national) and the industry sector. Some extra security might be required if, for example, the business operates a fleet management company rather than a small retail shop.

Fuel cards for small companies can provide a pool of various services and advantages, which help increase the vehicle driver efficiency and cost control a lot more effectively.

A Fuel card is simply a method of buying fuel for your company vehicles.

They work in the same way as a credit card would with the exception that they are used primarily for fuel purchases.

Take a look at the video below.

Key Competitors

BP Fuel Cards

There are around 1200 BP garages in the UK located mainly on motorways and main A roads.

There are 2 fuel cards in the market which are branded BP Fuel cards. Bp Plus and BP Bunker.

BP plus offers coverage at BP and Esso, Texaco and Gulf garages and is a pump price card at BP with surcharges at other sites.

BP bunker is for BP sites only and offers a fixed diesel price at around half of the BP sites (bunker sites) and is pump price elsewhere else.

Shell Fuel Cards

There are around 1100 shell garages in the UK.

There are 2 main Shell Fuel Cards

The single-network cards give you access to 1,100 Shell stations across the UK offering coverage across motorways, main transit routes and in towns and cities.

The Multi-network card offers acceptance at 3’500 stations nationwide including the Shell network as well as our partner locations including, Esso, Texaco, Gulf, Gleaners, Topaz and Total. Equalling 3,500 stations.

Pricing on these cards varies dependent on provider so needs to be established during call.

Allstar One

Access to more than 7,700 filling stations plus discount diesel at 1,800 stations

Can be used at all major brands, supermarkets, motorways and more

Pump Price fuel at most sites excluding discount diesel sites

Discount of 2ppl off the pump price at discount diesel sites

Transaction fees apply after 6 months

Fuel Genie

Accepted at all Morrisons, Tesco and Sainsburys Supermarkets.

1300 sites nationwide.

Pump price fuel at all sites with no discounts.

Swipe and sign fuel card

Credit Cards

Can be used anywhere

Can be used to buy anything, not restricted to fuel related purchases.

Contactless technology leaves open to fraudulent activity.

Interest applies on balances when not cleared.

Customer pays pump price for the fuel


Many business choose to pay cash for their fuel

This is usually because of 1 of 3 reasons.

Untrustworthy drivers.

The company only deals with cash transactions both in and out of the business.

The customer has a bad credit rating and cannot get credit with a card supplier.

Customer pays pump price for the fuel

Cash can easily be lost, and receipts must be obtained as proof of purchase.

Pay & Reclaim

A method used to reimburse employees for the cost of fuel used for business travel 

Reimbursement is usually through a fixed pence per mile amount.

Drivers tend to over inflate their busiiness mileage and end up claiming more than they actually spent on fuel

Benefits to the drivers but not to the business as can be costly way to buy fuel.

Receipts must be kept as proof of purchase.

Fuel Card Market Quiz

The Fuel Genie card can be used at what type of sites?

  • Every Site in the UK around 8000 sites
  • Morrisons, Tesco and Sainsburys around 1300 sites
  • All BP and Shell sites around 2300 sites

How many sites are there on the Allstar network?

  • Around 1100 sites
  • Around 8000 sites
  • Around 3500 sites

How much discount do you receive at Discount Diesel sites on the Allstar network?

  • 3 pence per litre off the pump price
  • 1 pence per litre off the pump price
  • 2 pence per litre off the pump price

How many BP forecourts are there in the UK?

  • 1100 sites
  • 1200 sites
  • 1300 sites

What pricing mechanism is applied when using a BP bunker card at a BP bunker site?

  • Discount of 2ppl off the pump price
  • Pump Price
  • A weekly fixed price

BWOC Fuel Card Portfolio

BWOC Fuel Cards

Esso National 

Weekly Fixed diesel price at every Esso garage in the UK (1100 sites)

Also accepted at all BP and Shell garages (2300 sites) pump price + 1ppl applies 

Pin Protected fuel cards

Tesco Clubcard Points/BP nectar points/Shell Drivers Club Points.

Esso's award winning synergy fuels

Growing network of sites

Control4Diesel (keyfuels)

Accepted at 2700 multi branded sites in the UK

Core network contains selected BP, Shell, Esso, Texaco, Jets, Murco and other branded and none branded garages, plus Moto service stations.

Also accepted at Morrisons and Tesco

Weekly fixed diesel price across the Core network

Weekly fixed price + 2ppl at Morrison & Pump + 3% at Tesco

Preset Drawings levels and alert notifications for excessive usage

FOC Zero Liability cover for added peace of mind

Online Interactive Account


2900 Sites

Every Texaco garage (750)

Accepted across the remaining UK Fuels core network (1150 sites)

Morrisons (350) & Tesco (650)

Weekly fixed price at Texaco and UK Fuels

Weekly Fixed price + 1.25ppl at Morrisons

Pump + 1.5ppl at Tesco

Pin protection at Texaco sites, Swipe and sign elsewhere

Cannot be sold to customer who already has Fastfuels through another supplier

UK Fuels

2300 Sites

Accepted across the UK Fuels core network (1300 sites)

Morrisons (350) and Tesco (650)

Weekly fixed price at all UK fuels core sites

Weekly Fixed price + 1.25ppl at Morrisons

Pump + 3ppl at Tesco

BWOC Fuel Card quiz

How many Esso garages are there in the UK?

  • 1100
  • 1350
  • 1500

Which Supermarkets accept the Control4Diesel Fuel Card?

  • Morrisons
  • Morrisons & Tesco
  • Tesco

Which 4 elements make up the Fastfuel network?

  • Texaco/UK fuels/Morrisons
  • Texaco/UK Fuels/Tesco
  • Texaco/UK Fuels/Morrisons and Tesco

Zero liability on the Control4Diesel card means what?

  • Once the card is stopped and acknowledged by us then any further usage is the liability of BWOC
  • The customer is not under contract so can leave with no liability to pay for the fuel they have used
  • The customer is not liable for the fuel drawings should they not recognise the transaction

Which of our fuel cards are fully pin protected?

  • Control4 Diesel and Fastfuels
  • Esso National
  • Esso National and Fastfuels

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