Module 1

Welcome to Gainsight

In this module, you will learn more about the Company, its history, the strategies - Vision, Mission and Values of Gainsight. You will also learn about the various functions that operate in Gainsight.

You can complete this module within 90 minutes.

Introduction to Gainsight


Introduction mail to the employees:
We are pleased to have you working with us.
We @ Gainsight look forward to see you grow and develop into an outstanding employee that exhibits a high level of care, concern and compassion for others. We hope that you will find your work to be rewarding, challenging and meaningful.

We will expect your best each day and we are also concerned about your development @ Gainsight.  Looking forward to see you grow as a professional.

Welcome once again!!!

Objectives of Module 1:

By the end of this module, the participant will be able to 

  • Understand the Industry of Customer Success Management

  • Understand the need for CSM and the gaps present in the industry

  • Be clear as to where Gainsight stands in this industry

  • Explain what Gainsight is and the problems it solves

  • Know the history of the company

  • Understand the mission, vision, and values of Gainsight

Four lessons: 

  • 01: Company Overview - The space of Customer Success Management
  • 02: Company History - Details
  • 03: Company Strategies
  • 04: Company functions 

01: Company Overview

What is Customer Success Management? 

Customer Success Management.

The success of your business is inherently intertwined with the success of your customer. If customers succeed using your product, they’ll continue using your product, and thus, your business will succeed. At it’s core, that’s what Customer Success is all about: ensuring your customers achieve their desired outcome while using your product. Of course, pulling that off requires people, processes, and—most importantly—data. 

Customer Success is about a business being proactive, while customer service is about being reactive. 


Need for Customer Success Management?

To know more about CSM, click the following


02: Company History


Now that you've seen the video about Gainsight, please watch a short video on what Gainsight does, i.e., the product functionalities of Gainsight. This is not a detailed video, but provides a gist of what we offer.

What is Gainsight

What problems do we solve?

Many customer-driven enterprises are using Gainsight, the leading Customer Success Management solution, to proactively manage retention, reduce unexpected churn and identify upsell opportunities by leveraging “big data” analytics across sales data, usage logs, support ticket, surveys and other sources of customer intelligence.

Video of CEO Nick Mehta about Closing the Gap in CRM.

Features of Gainsight

Our Customers

Gainsight Customers Logos

Gainsight Success Stories

Gainsight Success Stories - Gild


Gainsight Success Stories - Ooyala


Gainsight Success Stories - Intacct

Gainsight Success Stories - Brainshark


Gainsight Success Stories - Influitive


Gainsight implementaiton stories

Details of Funding

We are funded 104 million USD till date by Battery Ventures, Bain Capital, Bessemer Venture Partners, LightSpeed Ventures & Insight Ventures.
For more details about funding, you can go to the following link:

http://Gainsight Funding details from CrunchBase



03: Company Strategies

Vision, Mission and Values
Nick explains briefly about our key Values:

At Gainsight, we reject the idea that work and life are mutually exclusive. Our team members are passionate about what they do, and we strive to create an environment that brings that passion to life. We’re a diverse, brilliant, quirky group of people united by three core values:



04: Company Functions

Company functions:

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