Overseas Travel Safety Briefing

Travel Safety is an important aspect. Therefore, SCA subscribed to International SOS (ISOS) to manage our employees safety when they travel.

For this briefing we will cover on the Travel Authorisation Policy and guidelines that can be found in the common drive.


1. Travel Authorization Policy and Guideline

2. ISOS Travel Tracker and Incident Module

Policy and Guideline

Approval Guideline for Overseas Travel

The Approval Guidelines for Overseas Travel policy is a guidance for line managers to approve (or reject) business travel based on country and cities specific risk assessment. 

Link to common drive: \\\300_Shared_Files\006_HR\4. Overseas Business Travel\Oversea Travel Policy and Guidance

Why do we put this in place?

We need to assess what are the countries that employees are going and even within the country that employees are going there are segmented areas which are high risk and low risk

If there is a stronger constraint by SCC, the Company will abide by this restriction.

Approval Guidelines for Overseas Travel

International SOS - Travel Security Risk

How do we classify the risk level?

If you look at the table above, at level 1 (green) you will be allowed to travel. 

For level 2 and 3 (Yellow and Orange) you will be allowed to travel but precaution needed when traveling. 

As for Level 4 and 5 (Red), there will be a travel ban and you are not allow to travel to the country with this level of risk.  

How do we know the country risk profile?

You can take reference from the International SOS - Travel Security Risk Map. 

Link: www.travelriskmap.com

Above is a screenshot map of India from the travel risk map link. It shows you a map with different colours. It consist of both red and orange which is medium and high risk. 

When you zoom in further, you will see that the different cities in India varies in the level of risk. Therefore, you need to see which city you are traveling to and in which level of risk.

Quiz time!

  • Level 4: High Risk (Red)
    Travel Ban
  • Level 3: Medium Risk (Orange)
    Allow to travel but precaution needed
  • Level 5: Extreme Risk (Red)
    Travel Ban
  • Level 1: Insignificant Risk (Green)
    Allow to travel

E-learning & LearnLinq LMS

Importing an EasyGenerator course to LearnLinq

In Easygenerator, go to 'Publish' 

Once you've finished creating your course in EasyGenerator, you can import it to your LMS.

Logging into LearnLinq

LearnLinq Library

The LearnLinq Library is where you design and save all your courses before releasing them to your employees. 

LearnLinq teaching methods

  • Blended learning paths
  • Practical training sessions
  • Weblinks to videos and documents
  • SCORM (e-learning courses)
  • Sign-off with a supervisor 
  • LTI (SCORM Cloud) 

Starting e-learning with LearnLinq

Drag and drop the terms to their correct location in the picture

  • Navigation
  • Dashboard
  • Chat
  • My account

Which are the following identification details you need to quote when contacting ISOS?

  • Membership Number
  • Full Name
  • Company Name
  • Mother's Maiden Name

Course Planning & Administration

Course planning


The Planning section in LearnLinq is where administrators and trainers can easily schedule training times, events and other activities. 

Attendance List

Using the Attendance List in LearnLinq, tutors, trainers and administrators can keep a record of whether a trainee attends a mandatory training or event.

Compliance management

A transparent, user-friendly LMS for a capable, certified staff with documented skills

Employees often require qualifications and certifications, depending on their jobs and work locations. These are documented in (multi-year) training and enrichment paths that may be defined by (inter)national legal and regulatory frameworks.

The entire training and enrichment cycle within the organisation needs to be documented using standard processes and procedures.

LearnLinq is a first-rate tool that helps you analyse, organise, schedule, execute and evaluate the entire cyclical process.

Result tracking

The LearnLinq LMS Smart Dashboard

Managers have busy schedules. They hardly have time to review every employee certificate or education requirement set for their organisation. Reports are also time-consuming and outdated. The LearnLinq Smart Dashboard gives you an efficient, real-time overview of the progress, results and skills within your team.

What does the LearnLinq Attendance List do?

  • It allows administrators and trainers to easily schedule training times, events and other activities.
  • It enables tutors, trainers and administrators to keep a record of whether a trainee attends a mandatory training or event.

Which answer best describes the purpose of the LearnLinq Smart Dashboard?

  • It gives you a real-time overview of the progress, results and skills within your team.
  • It is the first step to creating a learning path.