Project Management

This course will cover the basics of project management, and how to achieve the best results when planning and executing a project.

Define a project clearly and realistically

Purpose of project planning is to

Project Planning

Project planning is the core of any project manager’s role. The project plan tells everyone where the project is going and how you are going to get there, therefore it needs to be concise and to the clients expectations. The purpose of this phase in project management is therefore to:

Establish requirements

Establish budgeting, scheduling and deliverables

How to use resources

When to obtain management approval

There is a basic process which is involved in successfully planning a project viz:

  • Scope planning – specifying the requirements for the project to facilitate ease in further planning
  • Preparation of work breakdown structure – breaking down the project into tasks and subtasks
  • Project schedule development – Listing a schedule of activities and the sequence of implementation
  • Resource planning – who will do what, at which phase and if any special skills will be needed
  • Budget planning – costs to be incurred in all steps of the project
  • Procurement management – who will provide services that are not available internally
  • Risk planning – contingency plans and risks that will occur
  • Quality planning – how will the quality of the project be assessed
  • Communication planning – designing a way to communicate with all the stakeholders of the project plan

As seen from the above planning a project enables us to have deliverable which can be measured at any point and also provides a basis for the development of requirements. If a poor job is done on articulating the project needs via the project plan this will lead to a project being misdirected and result in the project not adhering to the true need or the reason it was mandated.

  • Establish requirements
  • Do know what to do next
  • Have something in mind of what is to be done