Voice of the Customer (VOC) Form Overview

This course will show you how to use the Voice of the Customer (VOC) Form to collect and record information for the development of POA and NFM workshops.

Getting To Know The VOC Form

The VOC Form

VOC Form Purpose

  • Serves as a data collection tool to provide a detailed “snapshot” of POA and NFM training needs/requirements
  • Serves as a tool for gaining authorization and approval
  • Doubles as a proposal or “Scope of Work” –Guides a team of writers, facilitators, designers, etc. 
  • Creates a base of content from which to develop other materials
  • Helps us determine if we can leverage existing materials
  • Allows for consideration of challenges and pitfalls EARLY in the process. –More opportunities to solve problems early in the process –Efficiency in updating materials

The VOC and the Training Development Process

Data Collection Meeting Planning & Scheduling

–VOC Approval and Workshop Production

  • Brand Lead (BL), Sales Lead (SL), and TL decide who needs to be involved in establishing meeting objectives. 
  • TL and/or Trainers will reserve meeting space and send meeting invite to attendee’s.

Data Collection

  • –TL and/or Trainers will facilitate the data collection meeting and utilize information gained to complete first draft of VOC (including clear learning objectives for each workshop).
  • TL and/or Trainers, BL, and SL will meet to review and confirm VOC information.

VOC Approval and Workshop Production

  • –TL emails completed VOC to BL and SL for approval. 
  • Workshop production begins (CT&D ID or Vendor).
  • –Completed workshops reviewed by POA Manager, TL, and CT&D ID. 
  • TL reviews workshop(s) with BL.
  • BL provides approval email.

PARC Submission and Review

  • ––Workshop(s) submitted to PARC by Therapeutic area training representative.
  • –Workshop materials revised per PARC review and resubmitted
  • –PARC-approved workshop training materials sent for printing and distribution.

Workshop Go Live Preparation

  • –Executive Summary created and submitted to Legal and Compliance for review. 
  • Train-the-Trainer scheduled and conducted.

Workshop and Post Workshop Support

  • –TL and Trainers provide support during meeting. 
  • TL/Trainers set review meeting with POA Manager to provide post-meeting feedback.

Post Meeting Survey

  • –TL and CT&D ID develop and administer post workshop survey –Workshop materials archived in CT&D Vault

Therapeutic Lead and Trainer Roles in Facilitating VOC Data Collection Meetings

Roles and Responsibilities in Facilitating VOC Data Collection Meetings

Therapeutic Lead and Trainer Roles

  • –Consultant – Facilitate, Listen Actively, Data Collect, Organize, “Do we have existing resources?” 
  • –Devil’s Advocate – “What if we did it this way?, ”Why do we need this workshop?”, “Does the workshop align to BU business goals, will it have a measureable impact on the business?” 
  • –Training Resource –Field Sales Representative Liaison and Advocate

Developing a Data Collection Strategy

Developing a Data Collection Strategy

Initial Meeting – “ The Sit Down”

  • –Start planning and data collection early .
  • Engage all Stakeholders – must be represented –Introduce and explain purpose of VOC (if 1st time).
  • Gather low hanging fruit first! 
  • Gather key elements of VOC –Set date for initial feedback from Sales and Marketing.

Between Initial Meeting and Follow-Up Meeting

  • –Generate first draft of VOC – TL and Trainers –Compile list of unanswered and follow-up questions, info needed .
  • Set expectations for date that all feedback and brand strategy is needed.

Follow-Up Meeting

  • –Confirm key elements from 1st meeting .
  • Address follow up questions .
  • Set date for VOC submission and approval in order to meet development, submission, and review milestones.

Data Collection Tools


  • –VOC - one for each workshop to be developed 
  • Bloom’s Taxonomy: Learning Levels and Action Verbs
  • SweetProcess Job Aid: Writing Good Learning Objectives 
  • Colored Pens 
  • Highlighter 
  • Post It Notes 
  • Flipchart and Markers