How to design and author a course in easygenerator (DEMO course)11

This course teaches you how to develop engaging e-Learning by outlining the steps needed to create an instructionally sound course. It is directed to anyone who wants to build an e-Learning course but who is not an eLearning expert: teachers, trainers, and subject matter experts. This course contains content, questions and and all the components typically included in an e-Learning course. The principles presented here apply to eLearning courses created in any authoring tool. However, we will use easygenerator so you'll be able to build courses in easygenerator after you finish the course. It will take about 30 minutes to complete this course. 

The easygenerator team



The steps in creating a course

What is your goal?

Defining the e-Learning course

The steps in a course design

Before creating any learning solutions you need clarity on the

problemgoalsolutionscourse goallearning objective
you're trying to solve. Once you've identified the problem you can define  your
problemsolutionscourse goallearning objectivesgoal
. As a third step you need to identify possible
solutionsproblemgoalcourse goallearning objectives
that can help the learner reach the goal. The course will probably only be a part of the solution. Now you can define the 
solutionsproblemgoalcourse goallearning objectives
and create 
learning objectivesproblemsolutionscourse goallearning objectives
 that support the goal in more detail. 

Which steps to take and in what order?

  • Clarify the problem
  • Define the goal
  • Determine possible solutions
  • Determine the course goal
  • Create learning objectives
  • Create the assessments
  • Write the content

The why, what and how of learning objectives

The importance of learning objectives

Learning objectives are important because:

Learning objectives:

Levels of learning

Select the image with the six levels of learning from Bloom's taxonomy. You can enlarge the images by clicking on the button. The button appears when you hover over the image with your mouse.  

Verbs will help you

Match the verbs to the correct level of learning.
–°ombine elements from the left column with the elements on the right

Verbs will help you (2)

  • Define
  • Exam
  • Estimate
  • Argue
  • Collect
  • Solve

Example: our objectives for this course

Presentation score

Question and content creation


The steps in creating a course

The why, what and how of learning objectives

Question and content creation

Did you get it?

The proof is in the eating


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