How to Promote Student Creativity by Using Google Tour Creator

•Sub-topic: introduction to Google Tour Creator

•Category: VR


–This module  provides an insight to teachers on how to effectively use VR in the classroom to enhance creativity   by using  Google Tour Creator.


–Comprehend the characteristics of Google Tour Creator

Introduction to Virtual Reality (VR)

VR is the immersion made possible by entering a 360° and 3-dimensional virtual space. It enables new possibilities in education

Introduction to Google Tour Creator

Tour Creator is Google’s newest virtual reality tool lets anyone produce professional-looking VR content easily.

How get started with Google Tour Creator


Example of instructional Activities for using Google Tour Creator

Select the most suitable activities in using Google Tour Creator to your subject

 Choose one activity or more below you can apply it in the classroom

  • Reading – Connecting literature to geolocations
  • Creative Writing – Creating imaginative virtual stories
  • Showcase learning of locations around the world
  • Excursions / Camps – Reflecting, highlighting, and sharing of experiences
  • Travel Journals – Holiday recounts
  • Tour locations from a novel or story
  • Show locations from a historic novel
  • Create an architectural tour.