Essential Job duties for Prime Timers

This unit will provide a high level overview of the essential job duties for Prime Timers.  It is intended to be general in nature.  Your Store Manager will provide you with the details and training to fulfill these duties.  As you go through this unit, take notes on items that you don't understand.  Write down any questions that you have.  After the unit, meet with your Store Manager and discuss. 

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Basic Expectations for Prime Timers

Mark all of the items that are basic expectations of the position.

Customer service

Prime Timers need to be able to answer basic questions regarding products and orders, as well as being able to identify when to escalate the question or concern to a member of management

Clocking in and out

Mark all of the items that are true.

Attend and participate in the daily huddle

Mark all of the items that are true regarding huddle meetings.

Logging into MARK

Greeting customers


Сombine elements from the left column with the elements on the right
Prime Timers need to verbally acknowledge
gather information about the school, grade and gender of child(ren) being shopped for.
The customer should be asked about
the desired sizes, colors and quantities of each item they desire.
Greeting the customer
and greet the customers.
Immediately after greeting the customer,
whether this shopping excursion is for the full uniform or for fill-in pieces.
It is helpful to also to ask
will ensure that customers feel welcome and appreciated.

Starting the process

After the initial greeting and data gathering, Prime Timers will then access the counter book to find the available inventory and stock numbers for the desired items.

Product knowledge

Knowing the product features can:

Prime Timers need to be able to speak about...   (mark all that apply)

Cleaning duties

Cleaning is a duty that needs to be performed at Closing in order to maintain a pleasant environment for our customers and for ourselves.

Full time employees are expected to participate in cleaning as part of the end of the day procedures.

Measuring and sizing clothing & shoes


Сombine elements from the left column with the elements on the right
Accurate measuring
to make sure their merchandise fits properly and looks great.
The Store Manager
will train you to take accurate measurements.
Typical measurements for apparel
ensures proper fit and allows for growth.
If you are uncomfortable taking measurements,
measures foot sizes for proper shoe fit.
We take the time to accurately measure customers
notify the Store Manager.
A Brannack Device
includes measuring the waist, chest, and inseam.

Inventory inquiries

Only some employees should be able to access the store inventory database as well as the Stock / Size database.

When a customer has requested an item that you are unable to locate in the stockroom,  use the MARK system. This will help to determine if there is on-hand inventory for the specific stock number(s) and size(s) they desire.


Down stocking


Сombine elements from the left column with the elements on the right
Fill bins to replace merchandise sold during the day
To place excess stock in an area relevant to the bin stock

Sales order picking

Sales order picking

POS and Sales order picking

Сombine elements from the left column with the elements on the right
As part of the fulfillment process for sales orders,
printed sales orders are used.
To assist in the fast and efficient processing of back orders,
printed sales orders are used and items are pulled based on stock numbers.